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Case Study: Digital education – First, get their attention


There were 2 issues: In today’s environment, HCPs are bombarded by messages—very few of which are based on their individual specialties and needs. Our client needed to do better. Further, market research shows that 1 in 4 onco-hematologists do not discuss hematopoietic cell transplant (HCT) with their patients who have multiple myeloma. Why? Fear of losing patients to transplant centers, consideration of alternative therapies, and lack of access to educational resources. We had to cut through the clutter and raise awareness of the benefits of early consultation to transplant.


We needed to ensure that we were delivering the right message and content, to the right HCP, at the right time—the time when they would be most receptive.


Harnessing geo-targeting and channel optimization, we developed a hyper-targeted, nonpersonal promotion campaign. We emphasized the patient benefits of early consultation, with messaging and assets rooted in guidelines and substantiated by research. Tactics integrated email, paid search, display advertising, and video, all driving appropriate HCPs to a self-service website for maximum return on investment. 


Our channel-integrated approach resulted in the email campaign achieving our target open rates, paid advertising (digital display, paid search, and promotional emails) driving 75% of website visits, and website traffic increasing month-over-month after the launch of the program.

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The Precision Value & Health family of brands is now Precision AQ

Precision AQ helps life sciences companies navigate the complexities of commercialization across a product’s lifecycle. Our team is comprised of experts, advisors, and creators working to ensure patients have access to life-changing medicines.

Our global offerings include:

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Our name, which stands for Precision Access Quotient, reflects our approach to removing barriers – fusing together science (IQ, or Intelligence Quotient) and empathy (EQ, or Emotional Quotient). The result is “AQ: Access Quotient”, a critical ingredient in navigating the therapy-to-patient journey informed by data-driven analytics and insights.

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