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It's not (just) our scientific smarts. It's how we use them.

We sift through mountains of data to uncover the most vital points—then deploy our findings strategically. We present critical information in ways that are both engaging and compelling to HCPs. And, as a team, we commit to achieving excellence every day, from delivering on challenging timelines to ensuring 100% accuracy. Because that’s what our clients—and their HCPs and patients—deserve.

A reputation for flawless execution. And a track record of results.


Industry average 3+ years

Our standard

5+ years

Anuraag Sarangi, New Business Strategist at PRECISIONscientia, jumping excitedly



Communications that are engaging, informative, and inspiring

Medical Affairs

Evidence-based strategies and communications that differentiate products

We master the science
We don’t just know the data. We know the supporting data, the intricacies of the disease, the scientific basis for the therapy. In fact, we know it as well as you do. That means we can proactively partner to identify evidence gaps, create solutions, produce results.
We tell a compelling story
When we create a slide deck or write a scientific publication, you know the science will be both rigorous and compelling. When we conduct an ad board, you know that actionable insights will be gathered, and every moving piece will be in place. When we organize an internal workshop, you know it will be productive and engaging. Because that’s what we do. Every time.
We earn your trust
We earn an unusual level of trust with our clients. They know that what we say is grounded in science and steeped in strategy. Which is why often they look to us to present scientific content and drive internal meetings in support of their medical strategy.
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Our Services

I have worked with dozens of agencies in my last 17 years in the industry and will CONFIDENTLY say that PRECISIONscientia is the best in the industry. Their scientific acumen, responsiveness, and leadership has made my team and me extremely successful.


KOL Data Solutions

Powerful tools that identify and map the influence of thought leaders, and plan and track engagements


Training, Learning & Development

Evidence-based strategies and communications that differentiate products

It’s how you learn​
We marry unparalleled scientific content with research-based adult-learning principles, tailored to support all learning styles. Armed with our training materials, your team will not only know your product, they will clearly understand how to deploy their knowledge in the field.
It’s what you know
New hires begin with foundational knowledge from basic anatomy to market access fundamentals. Current team members deepen skills and understanding. Both learn to quickly surface the right messages— and to deliver them persuasively and with aplomb.
It’s how you use it
Sure, field teams need to truly know the disease state they are discussing—as well as the treatment guidelines, package insert, and market landscape. But to succeed in the field, they need to weave that knowledge into compelling discussions. We ensure they convince.
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Our Services

On a personal note, this program was the best learning experience I have had in a long time.

Accelerating clinical research and development through the combined power of trials, labs, and data science.

Demonstrating the value of life-science innovations with evidence and real-world expertise.