The objective, data-driven insights you need to easily engage with top opinion leaders.

The conversations that happen between healthcare providers—whether around a real table or a virtual one—can make or break a brand’s success. Partnering with those that are the most highly regarded in their field and have a genuine enthusiasm for what you have to say is essential.

That’s why PRECISIONscientia offers a suite of powerful tools that identifies and maps the influence of thought leaders, then plans and tracks their engagements.

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KOL Mapping: Expert Dashboard Zero in on the key opinion leaders who are actually key.

Expert Dashboard provides pharma marketers and medical affairs directors with the most effective solution for identifying and managing expert clinician relationships. It makes sense of millions of data points to identify and profile the thought leaders who most align with your needs.

Profile Building

The platform provides in-depth profiles of physicians in your therapeutic area, examining their relationships, publications, trials, presentations, clinical interests, and more to form a complete picture of potential partners.

Network & Segmentation Analysis

Visual maps help break down the complex relationships among thought leaders. Powerful analytics tools help pinpoint rising stars and actionable partnership categories.

Dashboard Customization

Each Expert Dashboard instance is customized to your project’s needs. Inclusion of third-party surveys, and the potential to add the integration of sales data - the sky is the limit!

Amazing to see all of the connections; so easy to just go to a website to see how the HCPs all overlap in one spot.

Marketing Manager at a top pharmaceutical company

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It’s all available in a robust online platform that can power your brand planning and launch program initiatives.

Digital Opinion Leaders: DOL Map The industry-leading, comprehensive platform for identifying digital opinion leaders in healthcare

DOL Map offers insight into the qualifications, the relationships, and the actual influence of those who are leading the online healthcare conversation right now. By aggregating and analyzing all discussion by and about the leaders who are shaping perceptions across social media, you’ll get the full measure of their influence and quickly get to know the top digital opinion leaders for your brand.

The DOL Map captures scientific digital media conversations in real time, providing insights on key topics, audiences, and impact. It puts all that information in front of you in the form of a highly interactive online platform.


Engagement is the name of the game. Now you can keep a close eye on it.

One glance at the tracker tells you precisely how active your KOLs and other HCPs are. How many events they were invited to attend—and how many they did attend. Where they spoke. Where they published. What they said. And when you know all this, you can better manage your speaker events, advisory boards, and commercial or noncommercial engagements.

Any engagement metric, KOL contact information and biographic profiles – it’s all instantly searchable.

Competitive Intelligence Tools Top it all off with knowing what the competition is up to.

Whether it’s a new publication or an upcoming congress, you can stay on top of the competition’s relevant scientific activities in real time. Surface all the necessary information and send updates to team members by tagging, sharing, and parsing as desired.

Watch your competitors in real time, be alerted to activity in your areas of interest, and keep your team up to date as you go.

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