We were founded with a simple belief: that the scientific story is the foundation of every pharmaceutical brand. That’s why we invest heavily in team members who are committed to perfection, superior results, and relationships that transcend brands and companies.

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We obsess about flawless execution

We’re a company full of perfectionists, determined to stay a step ahead, produce great work, and exceed expectations.

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We innovate with a purpose

We treat every challenge uniquely, pulling our teams together to assess and analyze the issues, brainstorm ideas, and develop novel solutions.

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We commit to your success

Client referrals continue to be the major source of our growth, and we renew that trust every day.

180 people strong
180 people strong
65 doctoral degrees
65 doctoral degrees
when it began
when it began

Our History


PRECISIONscientia, formerly ETHOS Health Communications, was founded in 2002 with the vision of translating the science of medicine into clinical benefit. Today, we continue to live and work by the same guiding principles that established our beliefs, shaped our culture, and influenced who we hire, and remind us of our commitment. Over the years, the mediums and channels have evolved, but our belief in the power of medicine and devotion to the highest level of accuracy and integrity remain unchanged.

In 2018, PRECISIONscientia joined the Precision Value & Health network of Precision Medicine Group. All that precision comes together to offer expertise and guidance throughout the entire commercial life cycle of a medical innovation.


Looking for an agency with great chemistry?


Accelerating clinical research and development through the combined power of trials, labs, and data science.

Demonstrating the value of life-science innovations with evidence and real-world expertise.