Syringe and oral pills

Case Study: Shots vs Pills – The strategy that changed everything


This groundbreaking first-in-class therapy replaced injections with an oral formulation. But our client had limited knowledge of the treatment paradigm and very few KOLs in a relationship-driven and competitor-entrenched market​. Adding to the challenge, the therapy had significant anticipated sales but rate-limiting safety issues. ​


Building strong relationships with leading neurologists could solve 2 problems for our client. These KOLs could share insights to inform our client’s strategic and tactical launch plans. And our client could share its robust safety and efficacy data to ensure successful uptake of this new therapy. We went to work.


We quickly identified and partnered with KOLs to gather insights about both the market and the therapeutic landscape; in the process we also uncovered the KOLs’ unmet needs. Leveraging these insights, we built a compelling story of the product’s novel MOA, unique route of administration, and robust efficacy data. Then, we preemptively managed the understanding of the product’s safety profile through novel dual speaker programs that set accurate expectations and ensured comfort with its use. Finally, we deployed continuously evolving speaker programs and other innovative content experiences for a variety of stakeholders—MDs, PAs/NPs, RNs, and patients—deeply entrenching our client as an industry thought leader.


We established our client as a trusted partner and trailblazer in the neurology space, successfully educated all key stakeholders on the product’s efficacy and safety, and achieved relevant communication metrics.

“For this launch, PRECISIONscientia was a top-shelf agency—really valuable medical communications partner—strong science (they had me working with PharmDs and PhDs), solid on strategy. I highly endorse them.”

– Director of Marketing

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