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ETHOS Health Communications Changes Name to PRECISIONscientia

First published in PR Newswire

ETHOS Health Communications, a Pennsylvania-based medical communications agency specializing in interpreting and communicating the innovative science and data for cutting-edge therapies, announced its name change to PRECISIONscientia. A year in the making, the new name reflects the company’s long-term commitment to communicating the science of medicine with accuracy and clarity. The change also fully aligns the firm within Precision Value & Health (PV&H), a Precision Medicine Group business.

Scientia, defined in Latin as knowledge – particularly knowledge based on demonstrable and reproducible data – conveys the team’s deep scientific expertise and profound responsibility to effectively translate and communicate clinical data in order to advance medicine and improve human health. In today’s complex environment, communicating important science with accuracy and clarity is critical.

In addition to the name change, long-term leader Nate Wible is promoted to executive vice president and managing director of PRECISIONscientia, as ETHOS’s co-founder and president, Anita O’Connor, retires.

“We became part of the Precision family in June 2018 and have spent the last year preparing to take this critical step in making the partnership clearer to our clients and to the market,” says Wible. “While the timing of our name change is not ideal given current events, we believe that moving forward reflects our commitment to ensuring continued business operations and seamless support of our clients, as we collectively work to improve the care and outcomes of patients.”

Since its founding in 2002, PRECISIONscientia has helped pharmaceutical and biotech companies successfully bring novel therapies to market in the most complex areas of medicine, including gene therapy, CAR T-cell therapy, and rare diseases. One of the many key differentiators that sets PRECISIONscientia apart from competitors is its ability to dedicate scientists and doctoral-level medical professionals to its clients’ businesses throughout the commercialization process. This unparalleled depth of knowledge and expertise allows the company to understand how best to deliver critical information to key audiences throughout the commercialization journey, including healthcare providers, caregivers, and the world at large.

“Although PRECISIONscientia has been a part of the family now for over 18 months, we are thrilled that this name change formally aligns it with PV&H. This effort further underscores our commitment to bring together best-of-class teams to deliver seamless service to clients along the continuum of the drug development and commercialization journey,” says Carolyn Morgan, who oversees the HCP, patient, and consumer service offerings for PRECISION Value & Health.

About PRECISIONscientia: “Your Science Is Our Responsibility”

Founded in 2002, PRECISIONscientia (formerly ETHOS Health Communications) is an authority in interpreting and communicating the science of today’s cutting-edge therapies. With more than 180 employees who have experience in virtually every therapeutic area, PRECISIONscientia provides scientific and medical marketing, medical affairs, and training solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech clients. PRECISIONscientia was founded with the simple belief that the scientific story is the foundation of every pharmaceutical brand. As a result, it seeks out business professionals who deeply understand science and are committed to perfection, superior results, and relationships that transcend brands and companies. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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Precision Value & Health is engineered to bring specialized expertise to every juncture of the innovation and commercialization continuum. With teams harnessing data-driven evidence and leveraging real-world experience, Precision Value & Health partners with life science companies to establish and communicate the clinical, economic, and humanistic value of innovative therapies. Our commercialization capabilities include PRECISIONadvisors (global pricing and market access strategy), PRECISIONeffect (healthcare communications agency), PRECISIONheor (evidence generation and strategy), PRECISIONscientia (medical communications), PRECISIONvalue (managed markets marketing), and PRECISIONxtract (data-driven analytics and insights). Precision Value & Health is shifting the trajectory and accelerating your success. Visit:

The Precision Value & Health family of brands is now Precision AQ

Precision AQ helps life sciences companies navigate the complexities of commercialization across a product’s lifecycle. Our team is comprised of experts, advisors, and creators working to ensure patients have access to life-changing medicines.

Our global offerings include:

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Our name, which stands for Precision Access Quotient, reflects our approach to removing barriers – fusing together science (IQ, or Intelligence Quotient) and empathy (EQ, or Emotional Quotient). The result is “AQ: Access Quotient”, a critical ingredient in navigating the therapy-to-patient journey informed by data-driven analytics and insights.

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