This Medical Moment - Medical Influence Goes Digital

Medical Influence Goes Digital

The pharmaceutical industry has long relied on partnering with key opinion leaders (KOLs) for their insights, credibility, and influence – from the drug development process to raising awareness and adoption of new treatments. But the combination of a post pandemic world and an ever-changing market has changed the dynamics of where and how opinions are expressed. 

Insert the rising wave of digital opinion leaders (DOLs). These emerging stars pack a triple punch – they’re digital natives, they captivate audiences online with their expertise, and they utilize personalized & interactive approaches to share valuable insights.  

PRECISIONscientia’s Director of KOL Data Solutions, Read Roberts, joins This Medical Moment to discuss the growing landscape of DOLs, including: 

  • Pharma’s KOL identification challenges and the DOL solution 
  • The definition of a digital opinion leader and their influence 
  • The difference between traditional KOLs and cutting-edge DOLs 
  • How to measure the success of DOL campaigns  
  • A special glimpse into DOL MAP, the award-winning platform that identifies, evaluates, and engages with these rising stars 

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